Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Robert Pattinson's Dior Homme black and white framed sunglasses with mirror lenses

Robert Pattinson black white mirror lense sunglasses Dior Homme 0196s

Robert Pattinson was pictured at Sydney Airport a few days ago, ending his promotional tour for 'The Rover' in Australia. Robert Pattinson wore a pair of rather avant garde sunglasses which ignited my curiosity till no end. I have been trying to find out where the sunglasses were from, but could not find a match anywhere. Really love the stylish black and white frame, accentuated with those uber cool mirrored lenses. The sunglasses also featured little claws around the edges, which resembled how gems are being set on jewellery.

Here's what I found out so far: the stunning black and white framed mirrored sunglasses are from Dior Homme, and should be released around the end of June 2014. Style number should be 0196s. Will update if I have more information. Needless to say, I am Robsessed with the sunglasses!



  1. I need a pair too! Maybe we can get a 2 for 1? haha

  2. They look similar to Alexander hi-tek

  3. they look inspired by the dior so real glasses


  5. Found anything yet?

  6. Have you found where they are from yet?


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