Saturday, 21 June 2014


LUSH Ambition massage bar
LUSH 'Ambition' massage bar

Just wanted to jot down a few thoughts to mark the (near) end of a hectic week. Went to several shows and presentations earlier in the week as it was the biannual 'fashion week' for men in London. Well, it was less than a week, and probably more macho to refer it by its official name - London Collections: Men Spring Summer 2015. 

There has been lots of discussion, if bloggers should be at these events, if we contribute anything constructive at all. Well, I'll let the readers decide on the latter point then. To be honest, I do not find the need to be at these events as I do not do collections reviews on the blog, nor am I buying stock for the stores. I abstained from day 1 of the shows, presentations and after parties, and was actually far more productive at home doing my blog posts of what the guests were wearing around the events. That is the unique selling point of my site, and the posts generate traffic and helps with my banner ads and linked sales. When I did the rounds on days 2 and 3, I did not have time to update the site as often, which means my sales will fall. The trade-off is that I get face time with people at the events. Fashion is after all a relationship business, it is true when they say "out of sight, out of mind". I've learnt that in life, what you know is important. Who you know, is just as.

I don't want to beat myself up for my flaws, but socialising doesn't come natural to me. One of the reasons why I started the blog was so I can hide behind the computer screens but still have a voice. I subscribe to the notion of not chasing people but working hard and trying to be myself, for the right people will find their way into my life. I grew up in an environment where success is measured by league tables and material gains, and that was stressful. The journey for me these days, is to learn to measure success by happiness. I had a great time this week hanging out with my friends at the various events, including a day trip to Dorset where we visited the factories of LUSH cosmetics and skincare. I was not blogging as often, meaning money is not going to roll in, but I was happy in the company of friends and the glorious sunshine. 

Can I count that as success? I picked an 'Ambition' massage bar from LUSH, perhaps that is what I need all along. Self acceptance is that elephant in the room which is too ginormous to shove out of the door.

Bournemouth Harbour
Bournemouth, Dorset

Day trip to Bournemouth on Wednesday, that was one very happy day.

Kensington Gardens

Tuesday by Kensington Gardens after the Burberry Prorsum SS2015 show, taking a moment to sit in the sun and be with good company. That was one happy day.

LUSH Karma shower gel
LUSH 'Karma' shower gel

During the factory visit, we had the chance to create the LUSH 'Karma' shower gel from scratch. That was fun and joyous, but more on that later. Do believe in karma, we had a little incident whilst out in Dorset but our story had a nice fairy tale ending. Whoever you choose to be, be a good one.

What's he wearing? He is wearing his heart on his sleeves.



  1. @t_phuck: congrats!!!!

  2. Definitely the right attitude to take, I try to live by a similar code, I'd love to visit all the fashion events and blog at the same time but it's simply impractical. Above all do what you enjoy most, as long as you are free to create and express your life in a way that is personal and rewarding for you then you must absolutely do it.

    Enjoyed reading the blog (I've only just discovered it) wishing you all the best for the future with it.

  3. Ah Joe this is so sweet! Love it!

  4. Great to read this. I always wonder why so many bloggers attend the shows if they don't even cover it in their websites, not that I have an issue with it at all.

    I have been reading this website for more than a year already and I think is great the way everything is set up, the quality content and everything in between, besides the great taste.

    I wonder, are you coming back to the Firenze4Ever event? Let us know and keep on doing great work!

    1. You are very kind, thank you. No plans yet for Firenze4Ever, although I will be in Florence next week!


what's he wearing?