Friday, 4 July 2014

LUSH Twilight bath bombs

LUSH cosmetics Twilight bath bomb
Before we go any deeper into the blog post, Google or the Obama administration or anyone else eavesdropping, we are looking at the creation of LUSH Cosmetics's bath bombs. You know, those beautiful gorgeous scented balls you put into the bath which then fizzes off to make bath time that more exciting? Wouldn't the world be a better place if people just make bath bombs, moisturise and live happily ever after?

We visited the factories of LUSH in the beautiful county of Dorset in West England a few weeks back. It was a great appreciation course, a chance to peek behind the scenes of what happened before the finished products arrive in stores. Although the factories are not open to the public for a look see,  they are sending a big message to us bloggers and publishers: they have nothing to hide and happy for us to get involved. It takes a lot of effort and infrastructure efficiency and effectiveness for an organisation to open their doors to us. I was furiously taking notes and all, but who am I kidding. I can't teach you how to make your own bath bombs, it is cheaper and easier for us to go get it from the shops. I can however relay my thoughts and feelings about this trip.

LUSH cosmetics Twilight bath bomb
I remembered using LUSH products many many years ago, my friend used to work at a LUSH store in Singapore and we 'hang out' there all the time. That is what we do as teenagers isn't it, just 'hang out'. At least we were not causing troubles! I remembered it was a happy joyful place, and although I kind of gradually grew out of using their products as I grow older (mainly because my friend left and we started 'hanging out' somewhere else ha!), the vibe I received from the factory visit was that it is a happy environment. Right down to the packaging and fonts, the products send a message that bath time and skin care can be fun. Through the factory visit, we also learnt that we can have fun using the products, and be happy to know that natural ingredients and safe synthetics were used. None of the ingredients have been tested on animals, nor did they buy any from anyone that tested anything else on animals.

And not just animals but charitable causes too, which we covered last week with their Charity Pots.

If you have been following my random thoughts and musings in between what the gorgeous chaps were wearing on the blog, the pursuit of happiness and seeking the definition of it, are what I have been trying to achieve these days. Ok, it is rather cliché and cringe worthy to talk about self discovery and all that consciously coupling stuff, but we need to do more of what makes us happy. To do that, we need to define what happiness is, and how we measure that. Happy to report, I am none the wiser. All pun intended.

LUSH cosmetics
LUSH cosmetics hottie Diary Fred
While I contemplate on my life, here is "Dairy Fred" from LUSH, all smiley and happy whilst guiding us on the factory visit. I asked what his favourite LUSH product is, and you really cannot make this up: Happy Happy Joy Joy. He does have good hair though!

LUSH Happy Happy Joy Joy

LUSH cosmetics Twilight bath bomb
One thing I know, is that bath time makes me happy. So I am running a bath now, and using the LUSH Twilight bath bomb which we help put together during the factory visit. More pictures on the factory visit in coming week...


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