Saturday, 5 July 2014

Patrick Schwarzenegger's Vilebrequin turtles print shorts

Patrick Schwarzenegger VILEBREQUIN turtles print shorts - 4 July 2014 Malibu
Patrick Schwarzenegger / Daily Mail

Patrick Schwarzenegger and his friend were pictured in Malibu on 4 July 2014. The American model / actor wore a pair of Vilebrequin turtles print shorts. Needless to say, gorgeous physique and great hair day. I am a little envious for I did not look that glorious when I was twenty years of age like young Schwarzenegger. There is only so much looking back one can do. I strongly believe that one can look good whatever the age. So here's to looking and feeling good, whatever your age, wherever you are. Perhaps getting those Vilebrequin shorts might be a good start...

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