Monday, 21 July 2014

Peter Facinelli's G-Star Raw Arc slim 3D denim jacket - LAX

Peter Facinelli G-Star Raw Arc slim 3D denim jacket - LAX 19th July 2014
Peter Facinelli / Source: Gvk

Peter Facinelli was pictured at Los Angeles International Airport on 19th July 2014. The American actor and producer was pictured in a G-Star Raw Arc Slim 3D denim jacket, which he layered over a grey pullover and green t-shirt.

Really love the denim jacket, I thought the wash and ageing were so spot on, I had to dig around to see what make it is. A denim jacket is one of those classic wardrobe pieces, you don't need a lot but just a few good ones with great detailing. Peter Facinelli worked the double denim trend, but we hardly noticed as he paired the blue denim jacket with a pair of fitted grey jeans.

Love the G-Star Raw Arc Slim 3D denim jacket. You can shop it online from

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