Sunday, 13 July 2014

Travel Essentials travel essentials - CLARINS Super Moisture Balm - LUSH Enchanted Eye Cream - CLARINS Beauty Flash Balm - AESOP Deodorant - MONTBLANC Legend - LELABO Rose 31 Body Lotion
With the summer season in full swing and most are preparing for their travels, thought I'll share some of my favourite grooming items. I packed these for my travels last week, so here are my tried and tested reviews:

1. CLARINS Super Moisture Balm: great if you have dry skin and if like me, you often do not drink enough fluids in the summer. I love the thicker texture which compensates for the drying effect of air-conditioned hotel rooms. Also available in a gel format if you prefer a lighter moisturiser.

2. LUSH Enchanted Eye Cream: a nifty little bottle which contains light organic oils and lavender honey water which is great for reviving tired and weary eyes. One pump and a gentle massage around the eyes for a minute. The pump bottle is a little similar to the Aesop Deodorant (no. 4 below), just be a little careful. Unless you want nicely moisturised pits, not saying I did that...

3. CLARINS Beauty Flash Balm: this is wonder and confidence in a tube. Squeeze two pea sized drops onto finger tips and dab onto face and neck. The colourless balm creates a nice finish for the face and gives a healthy glow. It is not make-up so nobody will know what you put on, it is like photoshop for the face in real life. Important to dab and not rub into skin. Texture is rather thick, so remember to wash off before going to bed.

4. AESOP Deodorant: aluminium-free deodorising spray formulated with eleven essential oils that assist in neutralising underarm odour. I am used to those heavy duty deodorant in a can which blocks all pores and prevent you from perspiring, but it cannot be good for you. This product will not stop you from perspiring, but neutralises the smells. The lemongrass, cloves and vetiver root give a deep scent, so you don't have to wear a fragrance if you prefer.

5. MONTBLANC Legend: a very sexy scent with green pineapple leaves, lavender, jasmine and pomarose. A little heavy for the summer but I have always been drawn to stronger scents. Great for sunsets and night outs.

6. LE LABO Rose 31 Body Lotion: imagine my excitement when I found out that my hotel uses Le Labo toiletries (Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, Hamburg). Yes I swipe hotel toiletries, as if you don't! I now pack this small bottle of lotion in my bag, along with a pack of wet tissues. So hands can be clean and moisturised at all times. Gosh, I have become my mum!

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