Thursday, 14 August 2014

Simon Pegg in Richard James - "Hector And The Search For Happiness" London Premiere

Rosamund Pike and Simon Pegg wears blue Richard James Savile Row shawl collar suit and floral shirt at Hector And The Search For Happiness London Premiere August 2014
Rosamund Pike and Simon Pegg / Daily Mail | Richard James Fall Winter 2014

Rosamund Pike and Simon Pegg attended the premiere of "Hector And The Search For Happiness" on 13th August 2014 in London, England. Simon Pegg wore a blue shawl collared suit over a matching floral shirt, all from Richard James.

Love the floral shirt and the gorgeous shawl collared suit. The added pocket square really elevated the look. Sure, certain minor details need to be ironed out, but overall I do love this look. Shawl collared suits really do make the world look rosier. If I could change one thing: Simon Pegg should have worn one of the many beautiful slippers from Richard James Fall Winter 2014. Here are some which I came across during the press day, and any would have worked beautifully with his suit. Agree?

Richard James Fall Winter 2014 velvet and glitter slippers

On a side note: I think I will like "Hector And The Search For Happiness". Movie night anyone?

Movie synopsis: Hector is a quirky psychiatrist who has become increasingly tired of his humdrum life. As he tells his girlfriend, Clara, he feels like a fraud: he hasn't really tasted life, and yet he's offering advice to patients who are just not getting any happier. So Hector decides to break out of his deluded and routine driven life. Armed with buckets of courage and child-like curiosity, he embarks on a global quest in hopes of uncovering the elusive secret formula for true happiness.

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