Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Oliver Cheshire in Alexander Wang x H&M - London Street Style

Pixie Lott and Oliver Cheshire wears Alexander Wang x HM grey sweatshirt in London October 2014
Oliver Cheshire and Pixie Lott / Daily Mail | Alexander Wang X H&M 2014

Oliver Cheshire and Pixie Lott were pictured at Boujis nightclub on 20th October 2014 in Central London. Oliver Cheshire wore a grey sweatshirt from the upcoming Alexander Wang x H&M collection, scheduled for launch on 6th November 2014. It is interesting to see both the model in the lookbook picture, and Oliver Cheshire opting for an oversized look. The WANG sweatshirt is actually one of my favourite piece from the collection, probably because I am a Wong and the inner Chinese consumer trapped within me really wanted this piece. Love you Oliver Cheshire I do, but not entirely excited about that picture above. So, who is queuing with me on the 6th?
Alexander Wang x H&M sweatshirt, £34.99

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