Friday, 21 November 2014

Lee Jung-Jae [이정재 / 李政宰] in Tom Ford - 51st Daejong Film Awards

Lee Jung-Jae [이정재 / 李政宰] wears Tom Ford velvet ikat print tuxedo jacket to 51st Daejong Film Awards 21st November 2014 Seoul South Korea
Lee Jung-Jae / Source: Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images AsiaPac | Tom Ford Fall Winter 2014

Lee Jung-Jae [이정재 / 李政宰] attended the 51st Daejong Film Awards on 21st November 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. Lee Jung-Jae wore an Alexander cocktail jacket in indigo cotton silk velvet ikat from Tom Ford Fall Winter 2014.

Very good look from Lee Jung-Jae. When it comes to red carpet ceremonies, the South Koreans really is at another league. The velvet jacket fitted the statuesque actor really well, and I love it that he went all the way with the styling, including the cummerbund which is just about visible. If I get my style rules right, the cummerbund is to hide the so called 'triangle of sin', the bit between the jacket button and tip of the trousers where the white shirt is usually seen. Sartorial dressing is just too much effort for me, but well done Mr Lee. A little undecided about the pocket square against the rather festive and busy print jacket, and I would have gone for the black roll neck instead of the white shirt. But that is just lazy me, no ironing!

Do you prefer Lee's styling, or the laid-back nonchalance from the lookbook?

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