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Odin New York Fragrances | The White Line

Odin New York Fragrances White Line Efflora Vert Reseda Milieu Rosa

I was introduced to Odin New York a few months ago, the unisex and FiFi award-winning brand of fragrances. Their somewhat moody and dark line of scents in equally sombre black matt packaging from numbers 1 to 11 have become cult favourites amongst fragrance aficionados. My personal favourites are No. 7 and 11, nothing to do with Beyonce's new song or the 24hrs convenience chain though. A piece of trivia I learnt from their workshop last week: there is no Odin New York No. 5. We are not sure if that certain French powerhouse had bought the rights worldwide, but in the words of Kelly Kovack, co-founder of Odin New York, "we didn't try, money could be better spent elsewhere!".

Just as I was expecting Odin New York No.12 (coming soon, I was told...), they introduced The White Line. Born out of the desire to explore a different side of the brand, Odin New York presents a trio of fragrances which explore the clean, modern deconstruction of florals – Milieu Rosa, Efflora and Vert Reseda. I always thought florals are a difficult concept and challenge for fragrances that would appeal to men. They key here is to be inspired by every essence of the flower – from stem and leaves, to blossom and bouquet. 

The white line has also been intentionally stripped back to create a minimalist olfactory experience:

Milieu Rosa / Rose: exploring the bloom of the flower just as you smell it in the air
Efflora  / Citrus: a citrus derived from florals; traditional clean citrus notes
Vert Reseda / Green: the exploration of a flower from its leaves and stem

My tried and tested verdict / thoughts: Interesting that they released three fragrances at once, each one is sold and packaged separately though. Which is also clever in a way, as scent is such a personal thing. Releasing three scents based on a united concept should appeal to a wider audience. As expected, Milieu Rosa is a little sweet for me, but it is a beautiful scent though, great for someone who love their Spring blooms. Efflora would be the fruits of the trio, reminding me of fresh grapefruits, tangerines, the warmth of Algerian oranges. My personal favourite, is Vert Reseda which has leafy hints of peony and gardenia, and reminded me of the nice scent that lingers after a rainfall (which I learnt recently, is called petrichor). It evokes idyllic childhood memories of walking to school in the drizzle, with the awakening smell of cut grass and chlorophyll in the air. A good fragrance brings you back to places you have forgotten, this is one of them.

Odin New York Fragrances White Line Efflora Vert Reseda Milieu Rosa

An interesting note about the three dimensional packaging for the scents: The white line’s packaging is an intricate relief created by paper engineer, Matthew Shlian. Shlian’s unique method of layering and pressing laser-cut card, creates three-dimensional, textured artworks that manifest the quintessence of each scent’s unique process of creation. 

I normally discard the packaging of most items, but this is just too beautiful.

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